We can squeeze a quiz in after all:

1. Real surname?
2. Which technique printmaking?
3. Which Smith popularised him and where?
4. Where was he born?
5. Did he use camera obscura?
6. What was the criticism of his work which emerged?
7. Is this a real Canaletto – no smart alec replies that no, it’s an image – is the image of the real thing?

I’m OK, Jack, tough for you

Quick look at this thing [hat tip the boys]:

‘End pensioner benefits to help young’, peers say

“retain the supportive relationship between generations”

We still vote, you rich bstds in the Lords. On the other hand:

Phew, this is a major one, innit:

Half of American parents are unable to save as much as they’d like to for retirement, and their grown offspring — whom they still count as dependents — are to blame, according to?a new study. While they likely mean well, parents who support children into young adulthood?often end up encumbered when they reach retirement age. They can inadvertently hamstring their kids, too.?

There were articles four decades ago about how Gen X were useless stay at homes, sponging off their parents to eternity and Millennials have learnt the trick.

Yet Boomers have been wilfully profligate as well, looking only after themselves in many cases, in a way not done by the generation before them. Twenty boomers may now come in to pooh-pooh that, saying they have provided well.

Yes but there are many old without savings and sometimes that is not just govt and sponging kids. But often it is.

Meanwhile, the worst of the Millennials are thinking eugenics for the old – maybe the PTB have been thinking it 100 years or more.


Being the artistic and musical philistine I am – by the way, there’s no quiz this evening, next is on Monday – lesser or modern composers have largely passed me by, so thought it best to run this and see what you think:

Mein Boot – the struggle against reality

Mr. Hilter [sic] may have had his Kampf but I have Mein Boot and though the first version was 2/3 built at the point it needed to cease, I’m the first to admit that things have got in the way, coming from directions no one could have planned, plus things like the British weather surprised after all these years, which should have been better planned for.

And yet, it seems to me that if we go negative on this – doom and gloom – oh he’ll never finish it … then I’ll never finish it.

My next move is to phone for the next lot of plywood and that then starts the epoxying and glassing.? Fine but tomorrow, the NHS will tell me what further exploratory needs doing on the heart.

So that phone over there is the key. Order the wood and then they take me into hospital next week or what?? My feeling is go ahead.

Tricky to transfer to blog

This is a tech issue – here is the Twitter version:

Now, for non-tweeters, there are two dozen comments and the rest of her story:

Australia Day

Looks like it’s that time again and that lost nation downunder joins other lost nations in its sheer inanity pushed by Them.

Meanwhile, I got the date wrong of my father’s demise many moons ago, but never mind, it was commemorated anyway.

What a sad place Australia’s become, so guilt-ridden over nothing at all, just as with NZ and the really sad thing is how the people are just embracing the lunacy … or so we’re told.

Gallipoli dawn service never in doubt

Why would it be? Ah, religion of peace. of course. Bleeding heart left-liberals and socialists.

Sniper at the Shrine in dawn service

Well of course – the State’s agents provocateurs would be out in force.